What is Teach Me Tennis?

Teach Me Tennis is a methodology of teaching in which several students can interact with each other to learn tennis at the same time

Having been confined in class all day, Teach Me Tennis provides elementary students with an opportunity to have fun while learning a sport he or she can enjoy for a lifetime. This program is currently implemented in six schools in the Floyd County area as well as the Boys & Girls Club of Northwest Georgia.

Through their introduction to the sport, Teach Me Tennis is giving children this opportunity by equipping them with their own tennis racquet which they keep. We believe that a successful instruction to tennis is done by making the sport fun. All of this is accomplished at a very low price.

The cost is minimal, but if the student is unable to pay, outside resources may be necessary and can sometimes be provided to meet the need.  

Our Values

A successful life comes from living one with pride, determination, proper values, and knowing that a loss does not devalue you as an individual, but provides you with a lesson for future achievement. 

The structure and hard work invested in learning to properly play tennis can be applied to life off the court and give young people steps to personal success.

At the end of the program, participants will truly be able to say “Tennis Taught Me” the way to a successful life. 



“Give me the structure, drive, and determination. Teach me to be a team player with goals and ambition.”

“Teach me ethics and honorable intentions. Help me be a good citizen who knows that ‘you can’t win them all,’ but the losses provide lessons for future wins.”