The CVTA recognizes all the hard work of our many League Captains and wants to support them the best we can! Captain’s Corner is an educational resource hub for all of our USTA League Captains. From TennisLink instructional videos to real League captains sharing their best practices, we hope Captain’s Corner makes your experience as a captain a little bit easier!

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USTA League Captain Videos 

Check out these videos full of helpful tips designed to make your USTA League Captain experience as easy as possible.

  1. USTA League Captain’s Corner: How to get your NTRP Rating | WATCH
  2. USTA League Captain’s Corner: How to Appeal your NTRP Rating | WATCH
  3. USTA League Captain’s Corner: How to View Your Team’s Schedule | WATCH
  4. USTA League Captain’s Corner: How to Enter Your Match Scores | WATCH
  5. USTA League Captain’s Corner: How to View Your Team’s Standings | WATCH


Additional resources for USTA League Captains 

Book courts for your team at the Rome Tennis Center at 706-236-4490.

Friend at Court: Download PDF

Friend at Court is the book of rules and regulations under which tennis is played in the United States. It includes the ITF Rules of Tennis, The Code, and USTA Regulations. It is recommended reading for players, parents, coaches, teachers, tournament directors, league officials and anyone who wants a finer understanding of the game.


USTA League Captain’s Guide: Download PDF

This handy guide was created to make your job easier and to provide tips for success. We provide tips for before the season starts, preparing for match day, and what to keep in mind for before, during, and after the match.


CVTA League Rules: View Rules

Find out the ins and outs of CVTA Leagues. Here we have everything you and your team needs to know when playing.

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