A new session of Tennis Apprentice will begin on July 5th.  Tennis Apprentice is a program offered by CVTA and USTA for beginner tennis players to help new players learn the game of tennis and start their first tennis leagues.  The cost is $50.  This program is for new USTA members only.  Players who have had USTA memberships in the past do not qualify.  This Tennis Apprentice session will feed into USTA Combo League in the Summer.


Tennis Apprentice includes:

  • 6 lessons with Jaleel Riaz ($120 value)
  • Free tennis racquet ($30 value)
  • One year USTA membership* ($44 value)
  • One time USTA League entry fee ($27 value)

Class begins Monday, July 5th, 6:00-7:00 PM @ Etowah Tennis Center

To register, contact Jaleel Riaz at 706.506.7506 or jriazpak1@gmail.com

*USTA membership is only available for players who have never had a USTA membership before.  Everyone is eligible for all other benefits.

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