CVTA is pleased to offer an idea for a fun new way to play with larger groups.  Mini Tournaments are designed for groups of 8 players.  The tournament consists of 7 rounds of 5 no ad games.  Each round is played with a new partner.  Spin your racquet to decide who serves first in each round.  We have linked a spreadsheet below to help you with the match ups and keeping score.  You may need to download the Google Sheets app to get the spreadsheet to run properly.  Click on the button below and then click on “Make a copy”.  Record each player’s name in the Name column.  This will generate the match ups for each round.  Then record how many games everyone won at the end of each round.  The spreadsheet will keep a running total of the games that each player has won.  The winner is the player with the most total games at the end.  Some groups may want to get everyone to bring a can of balls as an “entry fee”.  You may then play with two of the cans and offer prizes to the top 3 players at the end.  First place gets 3 cans of balls.  Second place gets 2 cans of balls, and third place gets 1 can of balls.  A mini tournament takes around 2 hours to play.