The Beverage South Beer League is a more laid back league than normal USTA leagues. It is not a USTA league. Matches do not count for your NTRP rating, and you do not have to be a USTA member to play in the league. Refreshments will be provided at each match. 

 Adult beverages are donated for each match by Beverage South. Each match consists of a line of men’s doubles, a line of women’s doubles, and two lines of mixed doubles. Players can sub in and out at any time, and may play the men’s or women’s line and the mixed line. 

 Each line plays an 8 game pro set. The mixed doubles lines will play after the men’s and women’s lines finish playing. Each team should bring a can of balls to the match. Players of all ages are welcome to play in the league, but everyone must be over 21 to drink.

To see our next scheduled beer league visit our current league schedule page.

To register for a league, click on the level you wish to participate in below.  You can either create your own team or join an existing one.  If you create a team, you can choose to have a closed or open team.  Please create an open team.  The invitation system is not working properly for closed teams.  You can enter the email addresses of your teammates on the team creation page, and an invitation email will be sent to them.

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