Ladies' Singles

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1. You must add your preferred contact information and your current USTA rating in your profile.
2. You may only challenge people at your USTA level for your first 3 matches.
3. After 3 matches, you can challenge people up to 3 places above you on the ladder.
4. You may not challenge people below you on the ladder.
5. You must play at least one match in a two week period.
6. If you have not played in more than two weeks, you must accept your next challenge or forfeit your next challenge.
7. If you are more than 15 minutes late to an accepted challenge, the late player can be forced to forfeit at the opponent's discretion.
8. The winning player receives 3 points. The losing player receives 1 point.
9. If a player forfeits, that player receives -1 point.
10. All matches will be best 2 out of 3 sets with a 10 point tie breaker unless both players agree to a different format.
11. Both players will bring a can of balls. One can will be used to play the match. The winner gets the other can.
12. A player may not play more than 3 matches in a 3 week period.
13. The winning player should report the win. The losing player must confirm the loss within 48 hours.
14. If the losing player does not confirm the loss within 48 hours, that player will not receive any points for the match.
15. Any dispute will be settled by the ladder administrators. All decisions are final.
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