Challenge ladders are a new opportunity to play that CVTA is offering. The ladders are designed to allow players to set up matches with other players at their level on a flexible schedule. Players will be ranked based on their win/loss record. Players can then challenge other players of a similar rank.

To sign up for the ladder, you must first register for a account. To do this, scroll down on the homepage until you see the “Ladder Login” panel on the left hand side. Click “Register” and complete the registration process. You should receive a confirmation email. After you have created your account, login and in the menu on the home page go to “Adult Leagues”, “Singles Ladders”, “Join a Ladder”. Choose which ladder you want to join and click “Join”. Men are not allowed to join the Ladies’ Singles ladder. Anyone may join the Open Singles ladder.

Once you have joined the appropriate ladder, you need to edit your profile. To do this, go to, click on the drop down arrow next to the “My Profile” button, and then click on “Edit My Profile”. Once you are on your profile page, click “Edit Profile”. On the Edit Profile page, you can change your Display Name, Location, Country Flag, Avatar, and Profile. We are currently having problems with this page, but we are working on fixing the bugs. At this time, you may only change your Location, Country Flag, Avatar, and Profile. We are working on enabling changing your Display Name. We are also working on a bug that requires you to change your avatar every time that you update your profile page. So, make sure that you add an Avatar picture before you save changes to your Profile Page. While you are making changes to your Profile Page, please make sure to add your preferred contact information and current USTA NTRP Rating to your Profile. If you do not change add your preferred contact information, other players will have no way to contact you to discuss where you play your match, changes in time that you play the match, or rain outs.

Additional rules will be under the Rules section of each ladder. Please read them before you make your first challenge.

Once you have updated your profile and read all of the rules, you are ready to challenge your first opponent. For your first 3 matches, you must challenge someone with the same USTA NTRP Rating as you. After your first 3 matches, you may challenge up to 3 spots above your ranking. You may not challenge anyone ranked below you. You can only be challenged by people below you. If you are tied with someone, you can challenge each other. You must be logged in to be able to challenge. Then, just go to the page of the ladder that you want to challenge in and select an opponent. When you challenge your opponent, you must choose a date and time for your match. Your opponent will receive an email notifying them of the challenge. They can then either accept or refuse the challenge. If a player refuses the challenge, but they have not played a match in more than 14 days, you can email the administrator and request a forfeit. If the person wants to accept your challenge, but can’t play at the challenged time, you can reschedule. You may play anywhere as long as you both agree on the location. Challenge emails may go to your spam folder. Please add to your address book to prevent this.

After you have played your match, one player must report the results. After the result is reported by one player, the other player will get an email to confirm the result. The match will not show up in the standings until the result is confirmed. You do not have to enter the score of the match. The system is built to only keep up with whether you win or lose. You can view and accept challenges, enter results, and view which ladders you have joined at

Lastly, you must be logged in to use the system. If you are having trouble challenging, reporting, or accepting a challenge, make sure that you are logged in and try again. We are still working on the system. There are bugs that we already know about, but there may be more. If you are having trouble with the system or have questions about the ladder, please email Dave Dawson at

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