Teach Me Tennis is pleased to announce that our award-winning after-school program will be returning to Floyd County schools for the Fall 2023 season. This program provides elementary students with an interactive and fun way to learn tennis, and has already seen registration from Model Elementary School, Pepperell Elementary School, Darlington School, with more expected to join in the coming weeks.

In partnership with the Coosa Valley Tennis Association (CVTA) and USTA’s Junior Tennis Apprentice Initiative, Teach Me Tennis will be offering the program to students at the same low cost as previous years, including a tennis racquet, six one-hour coach-led sessions, and access to the Teach Me Tennis Tournament on November 5th.

The program aims to teach children the joys of tennis and equip them with the skills to continue playing for a lifetime. By providing students with their own tennis racquet, Teach Me Tennis hopes to make the sport more accessible and fun for all. 

“At Teach Me Tennis, we believe that a successful introduction to tennis is done by making the sport fun,” said Logan Yerbey, Director of the program. “We believe that the discipline and focus learned on the tennis court can be applied to all aspects of life, leading to greater success for our young participants.”

The cost of the program is minimal, but if a student is unable to pay, outside resources may be provided to meet their needs.

For more information on Teach Me Tennis and to see a list of participating schools, please visit our website below.

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