How to Create a Team in TennisLink

Although it's a relatively simple process, creating a team in TennisLink can be daunting. Follow the steps below for a pain free experience.

  • Go to the team creation page on TennisLink (this link opens in a new tab).
  • Fill out the following fields:
Section: USTA/Southern 
District/Area: Georgia 
Area: GA COOSA VALLEY - CVTA - [year] 
League: [Select the league to create a team in]
Flight: [Select the flight, i.e. gender and rating]
Team Name: [The captains last name]
Home Courts: Independent Team [don't click "Other Facility"]
  • The form should look similar to this:


  • Click the "Create Team" button.
  • Fill in your USTA membership number on the next screen. Click the "Continue" button
  • Fill in your credit card information and click the "Submit" button

You should now get a confirmation email along with the team number. You can pass the team number out to your players.